Game of Thrones – Season 6 Episode 3 Recap: One Stark Leaves!


The third episode of Game of Thrones Season 6 is not less dramatic than the two previous ones!


Castle Black:

We ended last week with the totally shocking and unforeseen return of Jon Snow. Jon is up, Davos is shocked, Ghost is glad and Melisandrei breathes a sigh, getting back the belief in herself. The Red Woman believes that Dragonstone means Jon Snow, not Stannis Baratheon.

However, Jon is back with fear instead of gratitude. He says he should not be there, but thanks to the reassurance of Davos, he regains his composure. Then he walks out, in the welcome of people, including Tormund.


Sam and Gilly:

At sea, there is a sail in the storm, on which are Sam and Gilly. But there destination is not Citadel; it's Horn Hill, Sam's hometown. Because Sam said women are banned in Citadel, therefore he decides to take Gilly and their child to Horn Hill for safety.


Ned Stark:

This is the best segment in this episode, where Bran and Three-Eyed Raven relive the past: young Ned Stark, with Holland Reed and three other horsemen approach a tower, where two warriors of Targaryen are guarding. One of them is Ser Arthur Dayne, known as the Sword of the Morning, the best swordsman at the time.

Ned Stark wanted to save his sister, Lyanna while Arthur was ordered by Prince Rhaegar to protect the place. Then it came a heated battle between two sides. And at the end, only Ned Stark was there to fight against Arthur. We all know Ned is alive, but what we don't know is when disarmed at the hands of the Sword of the Morning, Ned was saved at the last second by Howland Reed (Meera and Jojen’s father), who snuck up behind Dayne and stabbed him in the back, killing him.

Right after that, Ned heard something from the tower. Brand wants to know what happened next, but the Three-Eyed Raven pulled Bran out of the flashback, leaving fans to speculate for at least one more week over the mysterious events that transpired within the tower that day. He also reveals that he will Ned will leave soon, but before it, he needs to learn everything needed first.


Vaes Dothrak:

Meanwhile, Daenerys is taken to Vaes Dothrak, the capital of Dothraki tribe, where she is supposed to live the rest of her life with the widows of late Khals. That is, if she is allowed to live there. The reason is after Khal passes away, she wanders everywhere, which is a big taboo of the tribe. She now is in trouble, and she might be punished soon. And we still have no clue where Ser Jorah and Daario are now.



At Meereen, Varys is showing his power, he has found out the woman helping the Sons of the Harpy, who are responsible for killing Unsullied and Second Sons. Instead if torturing her, he intimidates her quite gently, and obviously still leaving her a way to live on by asking her who is behind the Sons of the Harpy.

Meanwhile, Tyrion kills his time by talking Missandei and Grey Worm to drink with him. These awkward moments are soon ended when Varys comes in with the secret identity of the shadowy slavery-loving individuals who orchestrated the Siege of Meereen.

This forecasts the crisis is about to escalate into a major war.


King's Landing:

In King’s Landing, Cersei plotted to return to power, perhaps to her own detriment. Qyburn is trying to recruit Varys' old little birds, in order to build an army of spies around. Cersei requests Qyburn to arrange his spies everywhere, from Highgarden to Dorne, basically anywhere her enemies can be hiding. Cersei and Jaime even request a place in Small Council, despite the prevent from her uncle, Kevan Lannister.

Right when they pull down seats, everyone leaves, except for Grand Maester Pycelle, because he has just insulted Ser Gregor Clegane.




Arya Stark is still trained as a Daredevil blind knight, brutally beated and repeated asked: "Who are you?" - "No one", in order to eliminate her name and identity of Arya forever. And it seems like she is on the right way, because now the unnamed girl has regained the light to the eyes after being given a mysterious medicine.

In the North, Ramsay Boltontakes over his father. And after two seasons of absence, finally we see Rickon Stark again. However, the encounter is not a happy one when Rickon and Osha fall into the hands of Ramsay, and the beloved wolf of Rickon is killed. Ramsay now has some big advantage, if Jon Snow attacks Winterfelt, he has a new one to interrogate.

Back to Jon Snow, he hangs those who betrayed and killed him. It means we now have to say goodbye to Alyser and Olly. However, the climax of the scene is when Jon gives up the title of Cammander, leaving Night's Watch, saying “My watch has ended”.

Basically he is right, according to the law, a member's watch is over when he is dead, and Jon was dead, so he is no longer its member.